ATTENTION! Fasting For Weight Loss Can Be Dangerous!

Fasting for weight loss can bring about quick weight loss, but how much of that weight is fat loss?

There are no specifics on the percentage of fat lost during a fast. With that being said, I’ll tell you it’s not very much!

You see…your body’s reaction to a fast is survival. When you go on a fast your reducing your food consumption. Inevitably, you’re going to lose weight just from the decrease in food volume.

The first weight loss you’ll experience from fasting for weight loss is water weight. With a reduction in carbohydrates, you’ll lose water.

Carbs, when stored in the body, bond with approximately three parts water to one part glycogen (the digested carbohydrate). So when carbs are restricted or severely decreased in your diet, as they are when fasting, you lose sufficient amounts of water. Most diets begin with your body dropping water weight.

There are reasons for fasting of course. But if your goals include losing weight permanently, fasting is not the best way to get there.

Fasting for weight loss simply won’t allow you to effectively lose fat without sacrificing muscle. Muscle is the metabolic backbone of your long term weight loss plan. Gaining or maintaining as much muscle as possible while adhering to your weight loss plan is of utmost importance.

You’ll do yourself a disservice if your plan doesn’t take into account this fact. Keeping your metabolism running full bore is difficult at best when fasting for weight loss.

Your body is in survival mode and wants to rid itself of metabolically active tissue (muscle) to preserve energy. That’s the opposite of what you want your body to do when your goal includes losing bodyfat.

There is a right way and a wrong way to lose weight. Fasting for weight loss simply won’t work long term and could be detrimental to your body’s metabolism.

If you’ve already decided to fast, please take precautions. Speak with your physician prior to starting any diet.

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Gradually work your way into a fast. Remove items from your current diet and replace with juice initially. You can then continue eliminating whole food items while substituting juice.

Your energy levels will be noticeably lower, so be careful when attempting anything requiring a lot of physical exertion or coordination.
Make sure you stay hydrated and again, consult with your physician when making drastic changes to your daily eating.

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