How to Lose Weight in Your Thighs

When you put on weight it is normally due to the accumulation of fat. This accumulation occurs in various parts of the body some more prominent than others. However, in this article we are going to cover the weight gain experienced by women, in general, that is located on and around the thigh area.

Having a large amount of fat on the thighs can be very upsetting for many women as, no matter how much weight they seem to lose elsewhere around their body losing weight off their thighs always seems to be a mission impossible.

Unfortunately, and somewhat cruelly, women are often referred to as being pear shaped when they carry weight on their thighs and bottoms and are a good deal leaner from the waist upwards, so if it is vitally important for you to learn how to lose weight in your thighs then the following simple points should help you to get thinking more positively.

Myth buster 1. The body will lose weight all over when dieting and exercising, contrary to many peoples’ suspicions that there is no ‘weight loss bypass valve’ that stops above the waist and starts again at the knees! You will eventually lose weight from your thighs and bum by being persistent and sticking to a diet and exercise regime even if it doesn’t seem like you are getting anywhere sometimes.

Myth buster 2. There is not a diet available that can target a specific area of the body for weight loss, (that includes the thighs!) only exercise and surgery can do this!


How do you lose weight from your thighs?

There are hundreds of different exercises that you can do that will help burn the fat from your thighs and these include skipping, cycling, swimming, jogging and brisk walking.

As you are trying to target the thighs in particular I would have to single out cycling as being my personal choice for burning thigh fat efficiently but do not cycle when seated! Cycling whilst standing works the thighs much more than when sitting and peddling and will burn thigh fat much better.

If you are not much of a cyclist and instead prefer swimming then you can work the thighs more by kicking a lot more than you would do normally.

I could go on and on about all the different exercises for losing weight from your thighs, in fact, it would make this post into something of an epic read. I do feel it is important to cover exercise fully though so I will be posting much more on this subject in the future, so keep coming back and checking or have a look round the site now.

It goes without saying that you can exercise from dawn till dusk, but if you are not looking into your diet and eating the right foods you will never reach your desired goals. This is why having a good diet plan is absolutely vital to reducing thigh size.

One such diet plan is one that I heard about recently, an amazing weight loss plan that instead of telling me to starve myself actively encouraged me to eat more!

I wouldn’t be telling the complete truth if I told you that I had never heard about the beneficial effects of eating positive and negative foods, but I had yet to hear of a truly successful plan that used this concept.

The plan of which I speak is definitely the best plan I’ve seen that uses ‘fat burning’ foods to effectively lose weight rapidly and is an ideal plan to use in conjunction with an exercise regime in order to rapidly reduce thigh fat!

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